Inhabitants of the rural community of Las Parras welcomed the We Are Continuity Integrated Community Work Project

Florida, Mar 17.- The more than 600 inhabitants of the rural community of Las Parras and residents of neighboring settlements in the Popular Council of the same name in Florida lived a different day this Sunday, March 15 amid the activities of the Work Project We are Continuity Integrated Community, headed there by the highest authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the Government in the territory.

During the 39th edition of the program that involves both the social actors at the base and the administrative directorates of the municipality, the parreños attested to solutions to pending approaches such as public lighting, cleaning of graves, painting of the doctor’s office of Family and lunch guarantees for 18 children from remote places who receive teaching in the primary school of the mentioned town.
Pending the arrival of the necessary resources for their attack, or the push by their own efforts, the construction of four housing cells of different typologies were left there for the benefit of people and families with social disadvantage or with more than four children.The presence of a considerable number of voters and the people in general was used by Dr. Madelaine Sánchez, representative of the local Public Health System to inform, in a public hearing, the foundations of prevention and the pandemic of the new coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 disease, especially in aspects such as the routes of infection, its manifestations and measures to prevent it.

Prior to the summary of the partisan and governmental exchange with the residents of Las Parras, recognitions were given to outstanding residents in the tasks, to the community blood donors and to the members of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Los Burros who participated in the extinction of the recent fire that occurred in the forest reserve of the Trabuco community.

In the concluding words of the 39th edition of the Integrated Community Work Project We are Continuity developed in the Floridian town of Las Parras, the First Secretary of the Party here, José Antonio Ballate González, called for the increase of sugarcane and food production, called to propose and implement initiatives from the neighborhood against the problems caused by the imperialist blockade and demanded greater prominence from the delegate and his community group in leading the people.


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