Authorities in Florida are called to maintain strict control over hygiene in the processes of manufacturing and selling food in the state sector

Llaman autoridades en Florida a mantener un control estricto sobre la higiene en los procesos de elaboración y venta de alimentos en el sector estatal

Florida, Mar 20.- The highest political and governmental authorities of the municipality of Florida called on the administrations and other organizations of the territory to maintain strict control over hygiene in the processes of food preparation and sale, to avoid the risks of proliferation of any infectious infectious disease.

During the most recent session of the Municipal Group to confront the new coronavirus, led by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba here, José Antonio Ballate González and by the President of the Assembly of People’s Power at this level, Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, oriented themselves measures to improve compliance with the COBID-19 containment plan, including the actions of state inspection bodies, surveillance in work and student centers, and control of public places where large concentrations of people occur in this area .

With regard to this, the indication of the Governor and Chief of Civil Defense of the province Yoseily Góngora López, regarding the immediate postponement of massive, provincial and municipal artistic and sports events involving crowds of the public, was also disclosed. artistic shows in theaters, cinemas and music houses, as well as concerts and dances, until overcoming the current threat of the new coronavirus.

The Governor of the province of Camagüey also decided to minimize and only with the necessary participants any other activity that implies excessive presence of people.


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