Call in Florida to strengthen the work of Social Care

Llaman en Florida a fortalecer el trabajo de Atención Social

Florida, Mar 21.- The deputy and President of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power in Florida, Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández called to strengthen here the work of Social Care so that none of the links of that humanist chain created by the Cuban Revolution with the objective of sustaining the rights and quality of life of people and families with social disadvantage.

«We cannot let the eternal Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro’s ideas refer to the systematic and particular help of those who do not have the means or physical capacities to improve their existence,» said the representative of the local government, and pointed out that «we it is up to defend them, continue them, strengthen them every day, from community action to the organizations responsible for conducting them. »

In this direction, the President recalled that it is up to social workers not to rest in the search and follow-up of cases of the elderly alone, women with children without financial support, citizens with severe disabilities and without filial protection, the chronically ill and others who demand the State aid to improve their existence.

We have the capacity to support them whenever the lack of responsible family support is demonstrated, it meant, and made clear the obligation to know in detail the problems that affect the beneficiaries of social assistance in each community, in each block and in each house.

Finally, the Deputy and President of the Superior Organ of the Government in Florida, Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, directed the actors linked to the task of prevention and social assistance to refer to the foundational concepts of the main programs of the Cuban Revolution in that sphere to raise the growing example of the work of socialism in this demarcation Camaguey.

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