The Community Work Program «We are Continuity» arrived in Urabo (+ Photos)

Florida, March 23.- As the Community Work Program “We are Continuity” had been announced, it took place this Sunday in the Urabo Community with the characteristics that respond to the measures that are applied in the territory to avoid contagion with the new COVID coronavirus 19.

Precisely in the exchange with a representation of the community group of that constituency, José Antonio Ballate González, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in Florida, referred to the importance of complying with and enforcing the sanitary provisions issued in the country to protect life. of people in the face of the pandemic that plagues a large part of the world.

In another moment of the exchange, the deputy and president of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, reviewed the compliance and response of several of the demands made to the administration by the residents of the 26 de Julio community, belonging to the Popular Council Las Vines

The repair of the access road to the place, the delivery of materials for housing improvement, the care of sick and bedridden people, the transport situation and the increase in telephone services, as well as the arrangement of the Social Circle and the painting of the Primary School and the family doctor’s office focused the interventions of the representatives of the Administration Council headed by the Mayor the Engineer Ibrahim Torres Piñeiro.

The Sunday edition of the Community Work Program «We are Continuity» in the Urabo area, north of the Florid municipal seat, was the propitious space for the recognition of the young doctor who provides services there, the representative of the Sports Sector already a group of women who showed their creations as part of the creative movement led by the Federation of Cuban Women.

The highest authorities of Florida toured the main economic enclaves in the area where food production stands out, the planting of protein plants for animal feed, a canton dairy and brigades belonging to the National Company of Flora and Fauna where it was reiterated the call to seek initiatives that increase, at present, food options for the population.

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