The Cuba dreamed by Martí in the Montecristi Manifesto is standing

La Cuba soñada por Martí en el Manifiesto de Montecristi está de pie

Florida, Mar 25.- When we say that our Republic is Martiana, it is not a slogan but essences. Today marks 125 years since Martí and Gómez signed this momentous document of our History. Martí exposes the reasons for the war: among them, opening a working Republic to the world, at the service of humanity. Today, there are plenty of examples of such a dream.

In a part of the Montecristi Manifesto, Martí writes: “We Cubans start the war and we Cubans and the Spanish will end it. A cultured war is invoked, where the decorum of a single man is not hurt. A war of rescue and support of dignity.

Martí could not see that Republic «With everyone and for the good of all». We build it!

Today, Cuba helps Italy in the Covid-19 confrontation. Cuba is present in thirty countries affected by this pandemic and in Spain, unfortunately, the health situation is disastrous. The Cuba dreamed of by Martí in the Montecristi Manifesto is standing. The ancient metropolis, sunk in its pains.

If the war of 1895 united the Cubans: the confrontation with the Covid-19 also brings us together … Cuba saves !!


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