Cooperativa Romárico Cordero: take care of ourselves while still producing food

Florida, Mar 28.- Amidst the damages caused by the intense drought, the Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS) Romárico Cordero, from the municipality of Florida, works to sustain milk production and stockpiling among other items, along with the implementation of the measures envisaged in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the information offered by Miralis Betancourt Quezada, president of the Board of Directors of the aforementioned entity, to date they remain below the plan for the sale of milk to the industry foreseen for the stage, and yet alternatives such as the alternative hauling before the fuel deficit and the constant call to contribute as much as possible from each dairy.

Recognized as the only millionaire entity in the municipality of Florida to deliver milk to the State, the Romárico Cordero cooperative must recover a little more than four thousand liters to catch up on the effort to revalidate its crown at the close of the current calendar.

On the other hand, and referring to favorable results that are also reported from the CCS peasant collective Romárico Cordero, its highest administrative representative highlighted the fulfillment of the collection in orders such as beef and honey from bees.

He also recalled that hygienic-sanitary preventive measures against the new coronavirus pandemic are also respected there, starting with the use of telework in the case of offices and the constant training of farmers on the characteristics of COVID-19, and the importance of maintaining social distance in each farm without neglecting the tasks of food production

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