Contribution of Floridian farmers benefit social institutions of the territory.

Florida, April 11.- Several cooperatives in the rural sector of the municipality of Florida increased their selfless contribution of food to social institutions and the health system of the territory, as part of the support for extraordinary isolation and medical assistance measures in the battle against COVID-19.

Significant volumes of tomato, cassava, banana, squash and other viands, along with fresh seasonings and vegetables were included among donations of agricultural products received mainly by the Children’s House without family protection, the Maternal Home and the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital.

Among the entities that stand out in the current stage for the solidarity and participation of their peasants in the important task, the Romárico Cordero, Frank País García and Saturnino Aneiro Abella Credit and Services Cooperative stand out, as well as those of agricultural production Carlos Díaz Cervantes and Frank Country.

The altruism of the members of the National Association of Small Farmers of the municipality of Florida thus adds to the battle against the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, by guaranteeing the presence of food, vegetables and other agricultural products in the diet of the medical and social institutions of the region.

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