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Youth force and biosecurity against COVID-19 in Florida municipality

Florida, Apr 13-The willingness of young Cubans in the current campaign against Covid 19, is also being tested at the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital, in the Florida municipality, where the needs of the current contingency are being met with facts the laboratory of that important healthcare center.

Florida maintains 5 positive cases for Covid-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 13.- The journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez from our Radio Florida Station interviews Nelson Del Sol Serrallonga, Municipal Director of Public Health in Florida about the epidemiological situation of the municipality today regarding Covid-19.

Award-winning Floridian creators in National Contest for new anniversary of association of disabled

Florida, Apr 12.- Floridian Elena Obregón deserved the first Prize in the National Contest for the 40th Anniversary of the Cuban Association of Persons with Physical-Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM), in the Tenth modality for Adults, a prize that makes the work of the movement more cumbersome of amateur artists from the municipality even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sigue leyendo

Contribution of Floridian farmers benefit social institutions of the territory.

Florida, April 11.- Several cooperatives in the rural sector of the municipality of Florida increased their selfless contribution of food to social institutions and the health system of the territory, as part of the support for extraordinary isolation and medical assistance measures in the battle against COVID-19.
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Update on the epidemiological situation in Florida

Florida, Apr 11.- The journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez from our radio station Florida interviews Nelson Del Sol Serrallonga, Municipal Director of Public Health in Florida about the epidemiological situation of the municipality and specifically in the Argentine People’s Council, which is currently in quarantine for present 5 positive cases to Covid-19.

Applause to all who contribute to the protection of life

Every day at nine o’clock at night the neighborhoods of Florida and the entire island are flooded with applause in gratitude for the work carried out by health specialists, men and women who, both in Cuba and in other nations, fight to eradicate the pandemic of COVID-19.
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Sahily Socarrás Ferrán: save lives against any danger

Florida, Apr 7.- The current times are of sacrifice and responses that we can find in actions such as that of Dr. Florian Sahily Socarrás Ferrán at the Argentine People’s Council, an area that reports the first positive cases in the municipality.

Discipline, solidarity and respect essential to live and win

Those who had the opportunity to see a few days ago the message of a Spanish nurse, desperate, haggard, exhausted from work, with pain in her eyes and distressed by the reality of the impact of the new coronavirus in that country, recommending to people not to leaving their house to avoid exposing themselves to the possible contagion of the deadly disease, they had a certain image of the impact of the phenomenon we are facing at this minute.
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Midel Pérez Reyes: a driver who leads towards salvation

Florida, Apr 6.- Midel Pérez Reyes, is a Floridian driver, who although he does not wear a white coat, in times of coronavirus leads those who transfer in his bus to salvation.

Community Service Workers also essential in the battle against COVID-19

Florida Apr 6.- The worker in the Communal sector, like many others essential in the contingency that the country is going through, exposes himself to fulfill his work and even when the deficiencies imposed by the blockade affect the efficient development of his work, They leave every day willing to fight the coronavirus with hygiene. More details through the following report by journalist Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez.