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Youth force and biosecurity against COVID-19 in Florida municipality

Florida, Apr 13-The willingness of young Cubans in the current campaign against Covid 19, is also being tested at the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital, in the Florida municipality, where the needs of the current contingency are being met with facts the laboratory of that important healthcare center.

Community Service Workers also essential in the battle against COVID-19

Florida Apr 6.- The worker in the Communal sector, like many others essential in the contingency that the country is going through, exposes himself to fulfill his work and even when the deficiencies imposed by the blockade affect the efficient development of his work, They leave every day willing to fight the coronavirus with hygiene. More details through the following report by journalist Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez.

Ariel Santana Santiesteban: «social isolation is vital to win the fight against Covid-19» (+ Audio)

Consejo de Defensa Provincial evalúa situación del COVID-19 en Florida

Consejo de Defensa Provincial evalúa situación del COVID-19 en Florida

Florida, Apr 1.- Ariel Santana Santiesteban, president of the Defense Council in the province of Camagüey, led the meeting, which in the municipality of Florida, analyzed the compliance with the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. More details through the report by José Díaz Hernández.

Programming of Radio Florida, joins the action against the Covid-19

Florida, 26 mars.- Many are the residents of the municipality of Florida and a little beyond that maintain constant communication with the different programs that are broadcast by the Local Station in search of information and to transmit complaints or suggestions regarding the situation that face the country in the context of the new coronavirus pandemic.
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Florida Commerce and Gastronomy Company Takes Action Against COVID-19

Empresa de Comercio y Gastronomía en Florida toma medidas contra el COVID-19

Florida, Mar 24.- Disinfect the counters and work utensils in the Commerce and Gastronomy units with chlorine or another cleaning substance are included among the actions organized in the municipality of Florida to prevent contagion with the coronavirus. Sigue leyendo