Blood Donation: a program that enhances the work of the Cuban Revolution

Donación de Sangre: un programa que enaltece la obra de la Revolución cubana

Florida, Mar 23.- The deputy and President of the municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida, Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, called to support and multiply here the sense of voluntariness in the act of blood donation, along with the recognition of those who carry it out, much more at the current juncture of confrontation with the imperialist blockade and collective battle against the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The main local government official, meeting with the community group of the 35th constituency in the rural community of 26 de Julio, highlighted the altruistic and supportive sense of this program that enhances the work of the Revolution and complements the vitality of a Public Health System free that works with everyone and for the good of all.

For their part, health care professionals highlighted that in addition to saving lives, the blood contributed since the popular call is used in the production of medicines such as the Cuban Interferon, currently used in the fight against the Covid-19 disease, caused by the new coronavirus.

Consequently, the Florida Deputy asked to exalt in each neighborhood and workplace the role of blood donors and to strengthen ideological political action among the CDR population to guarantee compliance with the plans in said commission.

«We have to make the family and the community feel proud to have a donor in their midst and get many more to join this mission,» said the President of the highest government body in Florida, Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández.

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